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GNLD’S Scientific Advisory Board formulated Full Motion to deliver the nutritionally significant contribution of glucosamine and other critical nutrients the body needs to maintain healthy cartilage levels in the face of strenuous activity and to regenerate damaged cartilage associated with aging.*

Each dose of Full Motion delivers GNLD’S proven advantages of:


Natural bio-functional, pharmaceutically -pure Glucosamine

-The 1500 mg. “Therapeutic” does shown in studies to reduce pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.

- The “sulfite-free” form, eliminating allergic reactions for those susceptible to sulfites.


Herbal Comfort Complex to boost the body’s natural anti-inflammatory capacity and provide  additional comfort.


Regenerative Mineral Complex to help ensure the abundance of biologically critical minerals necessary for healthy cartilage.


3D Advantage our unique manufacturing technology that maximizes the three critical steps of digestion to deliver optimal bioavailability:


- Disintegration- tablets break down quickly.

- Dissolution- active ingredients  dissolve smoothly and efficiently.

-Dispersion-  active ingredients spread widely and efficiently throughout the body.


By assuring these three steps take place quickly and efficiently, our 3D Advantage makes Full Motion the undisputed leader of the pack when it comes to product performance and user benefit*



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