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11 years ago, I suffered a life-altering motorcycle accident that crushed my ankle and nearly severed my
Foot. I lost 80% of my mobility and needed painkillers every day. Within days of starting Full Motion, I no
longer began my day reaching for painkillers. After several weeks, it no longer takes me 15 minutes to
‘loosen up’ my foot in the morning. I can get out of bed ready for my day!”
—Deb Abbott

“I have had joint pain—especially in my knees—for years. I could play tennis for only 15 minutes before I
would have to quit and ice my knee. Since using Full Motion, I have graduated to 45 minutes of pain-free
tennis—without ice!”
 —Kimberly Spruyt

“I work in construction and swing a hammer most days, and my shoulder hurts all the time. So I’ve taken
other glucosamine products before—but they didn’t work that well, and I was skeptical. I was very surprised
at the difference, though. After 3-4 weeks on Full Motion, my shoulder stopped hurting! What a
nice change to come home from work pain-free!”
—Ross MacDonald

“After 3 surgeries to repair a torn ACL, a bag of ice was never far from my knee. After a month taking Full
Motion, though, I was able to play basketball and ride bikes with my son—and not think about ice!”
—Jermaine Shaffer

“For years I’ve had allergies to shellfish. Since then, I avoid all seafood—so I was pleased to learn that the
glucosamine in Full Motion is allergen free! I have been using Full Motion for over a year and have had no
undesirable reactions whatsoever! And my joints feel better, too!”
—John Ziegler
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