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Your Fitness Level
What Makes Us Different
Staying fit is the main key to being healthy today.  
Did you know the  more over weight you are the slower your fitness work out will be.

You ability to move at your maxmium walking and running pace, will be much slower. Full Motion can help you stay on target  to reach your fitness level.

Full Motion outstanding combination of  the nutrients (below) help you get back moving in to direction you want to go.
Herbal Comfort Complex
Regenerative Mineral Complex
3D Advantage
Our 3D Advantage makes Full Motion the undisputed leader of the pack, when it comes to product performance and user benefit*
 Here at Walk Run, we care about your health and mobility. Now more than ever, people all over the America want to stay active.
Today High School, College and Professional basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer  and Tennis players constantly stress their joints and muscles this leads to Stiff Aching Joints from time to time.

Whether you want to be active in sports or just plan on taking a stroll in the mall or the park, you need to be able to have full motion of your joints and cartilage all day long!

Did you know that Text Messaging and Surfing the Internet have become a major force in people’s lives today. In 2009 alone more than 2.9 billion text messages were sent per day by anyone from a teenager to an adult!  It is quickly becoming a health issue  affecting millions of  people’s joints and muscles today!  

As time goes by your cartilage wears out from wear and tear. Just playing sports, running, walking up and down stairs each day can cause inflammation from Osteoarthritis. Full Motion can help repair your cartilage, joints and muscles issues.
 As you  browse thru our Testimonial page, you will read real stories of every day people just like you, friends and love ones.